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Why us?


London Sherwood Dental Care believes that getting your smile back should not cost an arm and a leg so not only do we offer competitive pricing, but we will also find ways for you to save money during the visit.


Each room is thoroughly sterilized after each treatment and every piece of equipment used are all subjected to sterilization by ultrasound washer and Autoclave. The office is also cleaned daily and deep cleaned every week to ensure a sparkling, sanitary visit. 


Our spacious waiting room offers TV and beverages for patients waiting for treatment so that no one gets bored. In addition each room is also equipped with top of the line equipment that ensures comfort while being very ergonomic and stylish. 


The office offers a wide variety of services which are all listed under the services tab. It is hard to find something that the office doesn't cover so you can get everything done at one place saving you the hassle of having to make more than one trip, or visit multiple offices. 


Each of our staff members are carefully selected and have a vast amount of experience working in the field. Each and every treatment is carefully tailored to each patient's wants and needs. For more information feel free to click on Meet the Team on the menu above. 


Our office believes in being accountable and honest to the patient, each and every procedure will be explained prior to treatment. Everything will be disclosed to the patient and if there are any further questions feel free to ask anytime. 


Each and every equipment is thoroughly inspected for defects and replaced if needed making sure everything is in perfect working order. Not only that water used is also filtered for particulates and tested every three months, but also each sanitation step is up to code through vigorous testing like the Autoclave test strips used to ensure proper eradication of pathogens.

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