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For tooth that are severely decayed, ready to fall out or lack space to erupt, dentists recommend extractions as an effective treatment as it can remove the problematic tooth instead of using root canal or other expensive procedures. When the tooth is recommended for extraction it usually means that our dentists have examined your case and considers it the best option as the tooth is usually beyond saving. Extractions may sound scary but it is actually very quick and safe, for most extractions local anesthetics will be used to ensure the surrounding is numbed as to provide a painless extraction. Laughing gas is another option for sedation allowing some to sleep through the procedure. After extractions post operation instructions will be given to patients and potential medication can be prescribed if patients feels discomfort after the anesthetics effects wane. Follow the procedure to ensure a healthy, speedy recovery.

As for wisdom tooth extractions those are performed as they are useless tooth that usually don't have enough room to fully grow out. Not only that they are likely to cause problems as due to the lack of space they could start to eat away at the adjacent tooth in order to try to grow out. If you have any questions about the treatment feel free to ask our dentists at any time.

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