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Dental Examinations

A comprehensive dental examination is the painless first visit of most new patient and it is one of the most common procedure in the practice. During this time the dentist will examine your mouth and document any problems such as emerging cavities, damage/decayed teeth, gum disease, suspicious growths, positions of your teeth, any preexisting or underlying problems of the jaw and many more. The initial exam will also help to determine the best course of action for treatments as without an in depth exam, including x-rays, etc., we can only see the surface of a potential problem. After the initial exam, smaller biannual or annual recall exams would be recommended in order to maintain your oral health.

*If the patient has recently took an X-ray at another office, we would get the patient to sign a release of information form in order to get the x-rays from the previous office which can help save money and time during your visits. Most x-rays can be outdated if it is was taken more than a year ago but conditions vary by person.

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