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Complete/Partial Dentures


Dentures are a replacement for missing tooth or oral tissue following injury, extraction procedure or the normal loss of a permanent tooth. Dentures can help fill in the gap rejuvenating your looks and enhance your ability to eat. This procedure is commonly recommended for seniors if some of their tooth have fallen off and they have a hard time chewing food. 

  • Complete dentures is a full set of teeth, for top, bottom or both depending on situation.

  • Partial dentures are not entire sets of artificial tooth but instead one of a few artificial ones to fill in the gap of the missing tooth. 

The entire process of dentures is pain-free which starts with first getting a mold or 3D scan of your mouth. Once this is done we send it to the labs where they create the dentures. After a week or two you will be scheduled back to see how the denture fits and if adjustments have to be made. All dentures are removable and can be cleaned separately. 

There are many types of denture materials outside of the subtypes of dentures, consult with our dentists to find out which one best suits you prior to treatment. 

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