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Crowns and Bridges

For severely damaged or chipped tooth crowns are used to prevent chipping of a fragile tooth/teeth crowns and bridges as they are essentially a cap on the tooth itself to keep it intact. Crowns are  singular "caps" that are placed on top of one tooth while bridges are a connected set of crowns which span the gap between two tooth, replacing one or a few missing tooth. The procedure itself involves taking a mold or 3D scan of the area and sending it to a lab to prepare the crown. Once it is finished our dentists will help you attach it to your tooth, an effective pain-free procedure. 

There is a big distinction between bridges to dentures, crowns and bridges are fixed, while dentures can be removed. Despite the fact that they are artificial they still need to be taken care for like normal teeth to ensure gum disease do not develop. If crowns and bridges are required our dentists will talk to you about prices and what type to get. 

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