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Does our office accept emergency patients?

What do I have to bring to the office?

Our office offers same day appointments for patients experiencing dental pain. Even if the office is busy we will make time to see you.

First time patients should bring a piece of ID and insurance card. The new patient forms should also be completed prior to the first visit as we need to know of any allergies or medical conditions prior to treatment. 

Does our office accept walk-ins?

What insurances do you accept?

Our office accepts walk-ins patients. Please bring a piece of ID and if you have the insurance card with the plan breakdown. If you are coming after hours with a dental emergency it might not be too late as our closing procedures sometimes takes until 7:00 pm. 

We accept insurance plans for all major insurance companies in addition to an array of student insurances. Please bring the insurance card/company brochure about the insurance plan. If possible please bring a breakdown of coverage percentages from the insurance from either the app or brochure.

Do you direct bill?

Our office accepts all insurances and offers direct billing to assist you with the claim submission process. In regards to the insurances that we accept you can find that under the insurance tab.

Where is your office?

We are located on the outside of Sherwood forest mall facing Wonderland road. We are located right between Burke flower shop and Cannabis Link. We are also very close to the Wonderland and Gainsborough intersection. If you need additional assistance you can call our office at 519-601-1588.

Does your office offer any transport?

Our office offers rides to anyone in need of dental assistance but is having a difficult time reaching the office. If an Uber or Taxi is needed we can offer to cover the cost of the trip in order for you to get the treatment you need. In addition we can also offer rides in case of an emergency if needed.

Do you offer Invisalign/Metal Braces

Our office has a lot of experience in orthodontics and offer both Invisalign, traditional metal braces and new Fastbraces. You can find out more under our service page or by calling the office directly. 

How long are the usual cleanings?

This depends on frequency of regular cleanings and how much calculus/tartar has built up on the tooth. An additional factor is the gum condition of the tooth as well. Usual cleanings are around 1 hour if there is no gum disease and not much tartar build-up. To know the amount of time we would do an initial check-up to see how much time we need. 

Is it normal to feel sensitivity after a Cleaning

Yes, after a deep cleaning it is natural for your mouth to feel a bit sensitive, especially if you had lots of calculus. However the sensation is not permanent and fades within a day or two.

How long does whitening last?

The Zoom light whitening depends on many factors. How much coffee you drink, how often do you smoke or even what medication you are taking. After the procedure you will be given whitening trays to brighten up the smile if you feel like it is not as bright as before. 

What do I have to bring to the office?

First time patients should bring a piece of ID and insurance card. The new patient forms should also be completed prior to the first visit as we need to know of any allergies or medical conditions prior to treatment. 

Should I be worried about pain after an extraction?

How long does it take to recover from an extraction?

Does your office offer whitening

Yes we do! Our office has a whitening light called the Philip Zoom for creating a brilliant white smile in the shortest amount of time. The price of such treatment is $400 (original price 600). We also offer whitening kits which can also help to whiten the teeth but this is most time-exhausting then just using the Philip Zoom light.

New patient promotions?

No, post extraction medications (Advil, Tylenol, Amoxicillin) is usually prescribed to patients in order to remedy the pain/inflammation that comes after extractions. The medication is meant to last until the wound fully heals. If pain worsens after a few days despite taking painkillers/antibiotics contact the office immediately. 

It should take about a week to a week and a half for the injury to heal. Follow the post operational instructions for best results!

The new patient promotion is designed to bundle our care package into a more affordable format for people needing dental care without draining their wallets. The standard new patient promotion offers the full exam with a possible cleaning add on for $100 more for 1 hour of cleaning (valued at $267). For cases with more hardened calculus more time would be required, a different plan would be offered for the patient. 

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