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What is the Canada Dental Care Plan?

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) is an government insurance plan for families who have an adjusted total annual income of less than 90000 a year. The insurance is offered through partnership by Sunlife and Ontario government. The requirement is that you have to be a Canadian citizen that does not have access to private or business dental insurance. Also previous year's tax return must be completed as well. 

When does the Canadian Dental Care Plan Start?

Currently, CDCP only covers seniors 65 and older starting May 1st, 2024. Rollout of CDCP covering adults with valid disability tax credit certificate is set to start in June in tandem with CDCP plans for children under the age of 18. All remaining Canadian residents starting 2025.

Who does the Canadian Dental Care Plan cover?

It is meant to cover everyone who's combined adjusted family income is below 90000 per year. The 4 criteris to qualify for CDCP is that you do not have dental insurance, you have an adjusted family net income of less than 90000, be a Canadian resident for tax purposes and have filed your tax returns in the previous year. The images below, indicates the 4 criteria in more detail.

What does "not having access to dental insurance mean?"

CDCP eligibility 1.png

What is adjusted family net income?

CDCP eligibility 2.png

Images screenshotted from CDCP page. For more information please click on this link which will redirect you to the CDCP page.

What does the plan cover?

Services that is covered under CDCP as of right now include:

  • Preventative services: cleaning (1 hour), sealants and fluoride

  • diagnostic services: complete, emergency and specific exams including x-rays

  • restorative services: fillings

  • endodontic services: root canal treatment/re-treatment

  • prosthodontic services: complete denture, partial removable dentures and denture repairs

  • periodontic services: deep cleaning

  • Oral surgery procedures: extractions simple & complex

Some services require pre-authorization. These services will start in November 2024.

Additional services scheduled to be covered

  • Crowns

For additional information, please call our office at 519-601-1588

How much does CDCP cover?

CDCP insurance plan reimburses a percentage of the cost based on CDCP fee guides and your adjusted family net income. Depending on your coverage percentage the CDCP member would be responsible for co-payment and out of pocket expenses.

Co-payments based on adjusted family net income goes as followed

  • Family lower than $70,000: 100% of fees based on CDCP fees. 

  • Family income $70,000 - $79,999: 60% based on CDCP fees, 40% would be co-pay

  • Family income $80,000 - $89,999: 40% based on CDCP fees, 60% would be co-pay

*Fees for procedures covered under CDCP.

When can I apply for CDCP coverage?

Application of CDCP rollout in phases based on groups.

Currently, CDCP application is open for seniors 65 years and older and is ongoing. Starting in June, applications for children under the age of 18 and adults with valid disability tax credit certificate T2201 can apply. All remaining Canadian residents will be covered in start of 2025.

You can apply for CDCP online with your 2023 tax information on or click on the button below. 

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