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Student Network Discount and Coverage Information

For full-time students attending Ontario universities or colleges there will be a student network discount applied on top of your insurance. For example if a treatment cost 10 dollars and your insurance covers 80%, it would cover 8/10 dollars with student network discount covering the remainder. For examinations, x-rays and cleanings the student discount usually completely covers your expenses, meaning that you do not have to pay. Other procedures listed in the images below would still have the discount but would not be fully covered when combining discount with student insurance. Coverage would also differ depending on whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student. Pictures below shows coverage calculations for Western University students.

Western University Graduate Students

Coverage Screenshot.png

Western University Undergraduate Students

Coverage Screenshot 2.png

Part-time student coverage would differ and each student would need to contact their institution to verify if they have insurance. Existing additional insurances can be added to ensure full coverage of treatment.

Each year dental procedure fee guide is updated and most insurance reflect such but some insurances reimburse based on past fee guide. If this is the case there would be a tiny portion of additional charges which usually is around a few dollars per procedure (x-ray, exam, fillings...). Western University graduate, undergraduate students and Fanshawe students do not reimburse based on past fee guides.

Student Insurance

The section below provides the breakdown of dental insurance for students of universities/colleges across Ontario. 


If your university/college is not listed you can look up your insurance breakdown through your institution's website. Feel free to contact us if we have missed your institution or if the link does not work. Some institutions have multiple plans depending on which campus/student type you are (example: Mississauga vs St. George campus, international vs undergrad vs graduate.). Some of the breakdowns are not immediately viewable unless you log into your student account. 

Does not have existing dental plan coverage (no link) or it only has emergency dental coverage.

For Additional Information

Please note that these websites may not have your university or college as some institutions have their own websites dedicated to insurance breakdowns. 

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