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As our tooth grows in one by one, some teeth may grow in odd places where they are not supposed to, or push onto other surrounding tooth causing crowding. For these cases braces or Invisalign would be the best choice to correct these issues. The procedure aims to slowly move your teeth back to where it was supposed to grow out, slowly straightening and bringing out your original smile. 

Braces are the traditional method of orthodontics as they involve placing brackets on your tooth and using a metal wire to string them together. Then the wire is slowly adjusted in particular ways to nudge the tooth into place. In order to make your braces more unique, colorful bands can be added onto the brackets to make them really stand out!

Invisalign is a newer method of orthodontics, as instead of using metal brackets and wires which stand out a lot, this uses clear aligners to straighten out your teeth. When you put them on it is as if you weren't wearing braces at all as they are clear and removable, which is a major setback for metal braces. One of the drawbacks of Invisalign is the cost, as it is more expensive compared to traditional braces. 

There are other alternatives braces such as clear bracket braces which have replaces the metal brackets with white brackets. Some are a mix of both clear and metal. 

If you are interested in regaining your perfect smile, schedule a consultation with our dentists today!

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