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Dental Bond Procedure Picture.jpg

In the event of a fall or other traumatic injury that causes the tooth to break the best way to repair a tooth is to perform bonding or bonding restoration. Bonding restoration is a procedure that uses composite to reform the missing portion of the chipped tooth. If the root of the tooth is not exposed then it can be repaired however the same can not be said for the opposite. The composite resin material has a tooth like color in order to perfectly blend in with the original tooth. 

Veneers work in a similar fashion as an cosmetic repair as it is meant to repair cracks in the tooth rather than larger cracks and chips. Composite veneers are similar to crowns in the fact that it covers the tooth, but while crowns cover the top of the tooth to prevent it from breaking, veneers cover the front of the tooth. Best of all veneers and bonding both are painless, quick and does not color or stain. 

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