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Office Policies

Cancellation Policy

Patient appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled if patient contacts office via Gmail, Phone or Text one-two business days prior to scheduled appointment time. If there is an immediate emergency this rule may not apply. 

Patient may request the office contact them to confirm appointment times and/or remind them of their appointment times in case they forget. 

If patient does not show for the appointment and/or cancels on the day of the appointment a fee of 100 dollars will be collected upon next visit, prior to treatment.

Harassment Policy

Harassment will not be tolerated at London Sherwood Dental Care regardless if it is patient or staff behavior. This includes any form of inappropriate gestures, comments, any purposeful physical contact. If anyone is subject to harassment from another patient and/or individual please tell a staff member immediately so that we can escort them out or away from our facilities for everyone's safety. If a staff member is harassing anyone please tell another staff member or upper management and their behavior will be investigate. If inappropriate behavior is verified by security footage staff will be immediately terminated. 

Safety and Privacy Policy

Safety and Privacy of each and every patient is our top priority so no photos of any sort may be taken in the facilities unless special permission is granted. If the office would like to use a patient's oral photos or X-rays staff have to ask for patient permission to use their oral photos. If any individual would like to take pictures of our facility please ask an office staff member before hand. If caught taking pictures of facilities without permission the individual will be asked to delete the photo. If the individual does not comply action will be taken to ensure the photos are deleted and penalty will depend on amount of footage taken. 

The office uses security cameras to ensure the safety of patients and anything recorded on them can not and will not be used for any form of promotion and social media, will only be used against individuals as evidence of any unscrupulous acts. 

Health Policy

Health of the patient is the most important part of the office visit, each patient are treated with sterile instruments that are completely cleaned of any bacteria by our ultrasound bath and Autoclave. This is to ensure no cross contamination and infection happens during the treatment. If patients have any concern over the state of cleanness of an instrument they may tell an office staff member and a new set of tools may be brought in. 

Entertainment Policy

Patients are allowed to listen/watch/play, etc. with any of their own devices while at the office, given that they have their own entertainment object and that it does not distract/cause discomfort to any other patients waiting for treatment. Music and entertainment system should be played with headphones attached. If patient does not have headphones they may ask for one or play the music at a reduced volume, given that they have confirmed with the staff and other patients that they are allowed to. If the entertainment system does not have sound patients are free to use it anywhere. Visual entertainment can be played at the office but no inappropriate material may be watched/consumed at the office. If patients are found to be breaking the regulation they will be asked to do something else. Upon recurring infractions patient will be asked to refrain from using the device in our establishment. Calls are allowed in office and out of the office and are subject the same rules as music of any sort.

TV and Stereo can be provided at the office as entertainment for clients which will usually be news and music radio stations played at an ambient volume as to not cause discomfort to any patients. If patient is bothered by the volume they can ask the staff member to turn it down a bit. Patients are free to switch the channel as long as the other patients do not disagree. 

Food Policy

Food and drinks are not preferred in our establishments as during Covid times it is not safe to remove the mask indoors under the company of other patients. Patients would be asked to consume the beverage/food outside prior to the appointment or wait until after the visit to finish it. Food and drinks will not be provided to patients at this time though they will return as Ontario reopens. 

Wifi Policy

Wifi is important to everyone so our office provides free Wifi for clients during their visit, please ask a staff member to help you log on prior to usage. Behavior on office website will be monitored and any unscrupulous behavior will be penalized and Wifi access will be revoked. Individual who are not a patient of the office may not use the Wifi outside of our establishment.

Controlled Substance Policy

Smoking, Marijuana, alcohol use is not allowed on the premise as it can cause discomfort for patients during their stay. If an individual is caught smoking, drinking without permission they will asked to leave. If the individual does not comply action will be taken to escort them out of the establishment. London Sherwood Dental Care is not licensed to sell any of these substances, as non of these exist on our premise. If any controlled substance use it witness by a patient please report it to a staff member immediately. 

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